Barr Nunn Transportation - Dropped me dog on the street in pa

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i drove for barr nunn transportation 1 week shy of 5 years.had 3 weeks vacation and would have been 100 percent vested and was close to top of the pay scale.

on Friday afternoon in harriburg pa. was told there was a problem with logs. was told at 4pm to clean truck out i was terminated because of log problems, to clean truck out. i live in tn.,had my dog with me.

they said they would give me 144 dollars and i had to be out of the truck by 5pm because the shop closed. me and my dog were basically homeless. costed 100 in cab rides 100 for a dog kennel and 563 to fly me and the dog home. after 5 years of great driving service to this company thats what i got.

i had no tickets no accidents with this company. THEY WERE DIRTY RATS.

i ran the same way i always did for those 5 years and ran hard but because of mistakes on logs they dumped like a criminal.


York, Pennsylvania, United States #620649

May have been because of the dog. Dont believe Barr-Nunn allows dogs or pets


If he did that. they would of put abandoned truck ,which is soo bad on yr DAC.


should have just drove the truck home and told them to have it picked up there.

to bruce #989794

absolutely don,t let a company abundant you like a bump.this happens to frequently.

drivers need to stand up for each your truck home clean it out then call company and let them no you can drive it to the nearest terminal but you need comcheck to cover your expensives.see what they say this is what I would do

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